È-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 11.07.2016

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2016.05.13 Puppy announcement 


While the first rosebuds showed themselves in our garden. Our little rose Ròsa Ke-sera – more than 6 weeks earlier than expected – decided she wanted to go visit her new Danish lover in Germany. There they challenged eachother and played wonderfully. It was a truely happy encounter.
The man of her choice this time is a very interested almost 11-year old gentleman.  


Both parents HD-A, g-PRA ++ and ECVO-free.
The combination has been approved by the German IGS.
On June 13th – ’16 we were in for an ultrasound and there was confirmed what we already knew. 


We hope for new Schapendoes-miracles midst of July 2016