È-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 11.07.2016



Extremely happy I, the owner/breeder, and (great-great-grandmother Cocó), (great-grandfather Hijo), grandmother Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo, mama Ròsa Ke-sera, halfsister I Besos di Ròsa and the “aunties” Gala & Rubí announce the birth of 7 new Cocódotjes-miracles.


On Monday 2016.07.11 were born the 7 Cocódotjes-miracles: our È-litter It took her 2 days, but then we could welcome 7 Cocódotjes-miracles: 4 handsome boys and 3 pretty girls.  

Another no-problems-pregnancy for Ròsa Ke-sera, this time feeding her was a problem straight away from the start: nothing she took willingly. The birth – once started – gave no problem what so ever but took her 1½ days: once again we worked together well. This was the firt time for one of our girls to have a litter without our man Hijo present. Normally they, during the last two weeks of their pregnancy, cuddle up close to him for comfort, but that now wasn’t possible, you could see Ròsa missed something > is that why she decided to give birth in Hijo’s doggybed? The puppies as well as their mum have had a medical check-up and were judged ‘healthy, beautifull puppies”, all puppies drink very well and are doing fine.