È-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 11.07.2016


Week 6

This pretty girl and this handsome lad still waiting for their families!  


The guinea-pigs from 5 – 6 weeks ago are turning into doggies. And how cute they are, and little rascals they are. From time to time loud screaming when one of them with his/her sharp teeth, once again bites in the ears of one of his/her siblings. No wonder mama Ròsa Ke-sera finds it to be enough and doesn’t mind playing with them but providing them with milk no way It no longer is necessary anyway for they eat well, still from their own foodbowls.  


Holidays now are over so now áll the known future owners at least once a week come to experience the growing-up of their future family-member. Every time again they are amazed to see how much changes in a week, how much bigger they grow and how much more they are capable of doing It’s really kind that some also think about the other dogs and please them with a nice treat > that is being hihgly appreciated. And every time again we also make time to talk about things to help making the coming change work out as smoothly as can be It also was decision-week. For it was time to tell the future owners which doggy we thought to be the right one for them. This time it was even harder than it normally already is for not yet enough future families have been found. 

But we managed and everyone agreed with my proposal > 5 of the 7 miracles have definitely found their own families. All dogs – small and adult – celebrated this with a treat after which the little ones took of to dreamland.  


This week we once again enlarged the puppyfence but on the last day of this week their living-quarters were changed. The birthbox has been removed and replaced by a big, big black bench > they didn’t mind a bit and after a thorough inspection they went in to play there but sleeping there is something else that took some time.


And next week? Oh, thát’s going to be a week. Once again time for several official happenings, see how that goes.
And we have to pay real good attention making sure all is done correctly.

More about that and more next time.