È-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 11.07.2016




During the last days of week 8 – the Saturday and the Sunday – departure started and 2 males + 2 females went home with their new families. A happy as well as a sad moment, but oh so necessary. One immediately notices the difference between 7 or 3 screaming little monsters this even though it were the 3 loudest who are to stay longer. Both males due to holidays, the female because of not yet having the fitting family.  


Beginning of this nineth week, normal life had to be started up again and so the repairer of the recently damaged wooden floor came to do his job > which the 3 remainders found to be very interesting and scared? What for. Even the stench of the used material didn’t bother them.


With all three of them we went this nineth week to the Vet for their second puppy-vaccination and check-up. To make it extra exciting: for the rest of the doggy-family it was also time for their yearly vaccinations and check-up so why not all at once > all went perfectly, the whole Vet-station was filled with several generations of the Cocódotjes-family + Rubí. During this nineth week, there was a lot of interest in our available female, but for us just not the one we were waiting for. Never mind: ‘with time comes counsel’ as we say and that is exactly what happened. All of a sudden the correct family was there but they ofcourse were not just come over and take her away. No, they came to visit a few times, we had some intense talks so everything was spoken about and to have her leaving at a certain moment to be well prepared. But at the end of this nineth week it first was time for the male with the brown ribbon to leave us to go stay with his new family. And so then there were just 2.  


Once he left, the other 2 at night were allowed to for a little while come sleep on the couch with me and halfsister Besos. Ah well, I know, but I couldn’t resist spoiling the a bit. As long as they didn’t go look for milk under her belly, Besos enjoyed it too.


So week nr. 10 we started of with 2 puppies: the male with the blue ribbon who was too stay with us the whole week due to his future owners being on holiday, and the female with the red ribbon who was to leave us with her new family on Wednesday. We did however start exploring the outside world with these: going for a little walk on a leish to start their potty-training. They simply needed to enlarge their world. But my: do you have people looking when you are out with such a cuties.


And then all of a sudden the moment is there all È-miracles have left us. So: cleaned up and put everything away again zo our house may become ‘our house’ again. We wish all new owners of our miracles loads of happiness with the È-miracles of our Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoeflaecken’s Cocó. Litter nr 3 of the 5th generation Cocódotjes.

We will see eachother shortly. Untill then.