È-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 11.07.2016


Week 5

1 Little male and 1 little female still available!  


I must say, it was a nice week, no discussion about that. Only minor thing is that we have not yet found loving families for all the doggies. But: we’ll see how things work out. 

This also already was week nr 5, and was a full week. Every now and then the little ones let their voices be heard, they play and banter around with eachother, and mama Ròsa Ke-sera loves to frolic around with them, her coat – or what is left of it – then swirls around her. But she can also peacefully lay down having the whole bunch at the bar.


After they at first only had minced steak as additional food, we the beginning of this week started to partly replace that by tripe > and they also lóve that. Good: they apparently seem to be good eaters. They now also have their own waterbowl with them, we hope this will have them starting to drink. Yeah and then we thought it to be time to try out whether they were ready for softened dry food and yes… this also is being loved by them. That’s good, for that makes it a bit easier for mama Ròsa Ke-sera. And ofcourse, also these miracles are each to eat from their own food-bowl: no snacking at the neighbour is allowed. The other dogs of our pack are happy they reached this point for they só much want to do the dishes.


Quiet regularly but in no hurry, we enlarge the living-space of the miracles, also this week we did so and at the same time we provided them with new toys. Because 1 little doggy-bed no longer is enough now that they are growing so fast, we wanted to add another one > they did not want that one. Now our Besos uses an exactly the same one to keep her toys in, so we exchanged them and what do you think that one was okay.


Why think it would be different this time: no, we once again have escapees. At night one of the males likes to go wander around in the room, but one of his sisters prefers to climbe out and then lay down on the little carpet in front.


And next week? Is going to be a very important week. First of all we will be visited by the owners of daddy Zack And it’s the week of making decisions. Pfff. And also a lot of other things will happen.
More about that and more next time.