È-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 11.07.2016


Week 8

Suitcase packed, raincoat and -shoes ready to put on … But where is my own loving family?


My, this week was loaded. Not only was it our “last-week-together”, we also had to do / to practice all the excursions outside. Pff. It’s strange, but the other dogs simply know something is about to happen. They behave differently during such a last week and are much more watchful than they ususally are. 

Also it was an extreem “cuddle-week”. Those last 2 weeks they grow incredibly hard. Often more than 1 kg per week, they also fight as if life depends on it and when you hear the volume of their voicesit might be wise to rent a studio or so. All 3 Cocódotjes-ladies + Rubí have once again helped me pack the “goodbye-bags” and fill the dry-foodboxes > while working hard they were also spoiled.


Such a last week is, just like the first days are, only for us. To slowly grow towards saying goodbye – me as well as the doggy-family – and to get all the paperwork done. We this time though were visited by 1 family who could be interested in our still available female, but it wasn’t the right time for them yet. As usual the miracles, on their last evening all together, were allowed to eat all together from 1 big round bowl. After such a “last-time-together-meal” one is thirsty. After which it’s time for a last night sleeping together.  


Then came Saturday and … the flying-away started. Flutter-flutter-flutter … same thing on Sunday > and 4 were gone. At ease as is usual with us for then we have time to still discuss a few items with the future owners, and it is easier on the mother as well as for the rest of the doggy-family as well as for me. Every time one leaves we go for a short walk. Now there are 3 miracles left with us holiday-time 1 male is therefor staying for another week, another male even for 2 and our little lady with the red ribbon. 


And next week? Well, as you read just before … it isn’t over yet.
More about that and more next time.