H-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 14.01.2013



The birth on 2013.01.14 of – once again – adorable Cocódotjes-miracles. Finally 6 handsome boys and 3 pretty girls, this time 7 grijsbonte or black and grey puppies and 2 black puppies. Yes, correct, not 12 but 9 Cocódotjes-miracles, for 1 little boy and 2 little girls quickly decided they would rather become Cocódotjes-angles. We saw them leave with pain in our hearts.

Pregnancy and birthgiving this time took a toll on Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and she is now having a real hard time. This first week wasn’t easy. We are happy that the puppies do drink well and so gain in weight. The birth of the puppies once again took place in our joint cooperation, which touches me every time again, that complete trust she also then shows to have in me.


Normally I sleep on the sofa all 8 weeks – straight accross to the birthbox. But this 1st week even that short distance was too much, so every night I made myself a campingbed to sleep on: on the floor directly next to the birthbox, so I also during the night could stay close to our little princess Ke-sera de Coco’s Hijo and her little miracles. Sleeping however was something we did not do a lot this week.  


In the mean time all the other dogs have seen and been close to the puppies. Her daddy Hijo and her daughter Ròsa Ke-sera are allowed close unlimited. Her grandma Cocó and “foster”daughter Rubí however are advised to stay away a little bit longer. So our first “family-foto” still needs to be made .

As a surprising closure of this first week daddy Svante’s lady-owner came to visit us.