H-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 14.01.2013


Week 6

All puppies have new families.

Another week has flown away. Another week filled with adventures and new experiences It started with taking back a male-puppy. One of the families – even though it was known from day 1 how the allocation of the puppies is done here – had other ideas about this. Then you should not go on together. To our luck we needn’t look for a new family: there was one waiting for just this little man.


“The nine“ are doing extreemly well, they grow só fast, they are such good eaters, whatever you serve them, so > they also do a lot of pipi and kaka. But: for the main part on the newspapers. They play together, they are trying out and experiencing all kinds of things and they have started running around with toys in their mouth. After that …


They by now are well trained cleaners, shining, mopping and vacuuming whatever needs to be done.


All through the weeks– among others – future puppy-owners come to visit us, to admire the miracles, to learn how to take care of a Schapendoes and lots more. Some are living too far away to visit us each week so they this week were here for a little while longer. It was a very pleasant visit and we were unbelievably pleased to hear that they also find our Cocódotjes-miracles súper. And it also was time to once again change the living quarters. This time we took out the birthbox and replaced it with a big bench > so the puppies who will be having one with their new families will be able to get used to it. And of course we also enlarged thge puppfence again. Did they like their new home? Well not immediatly.


Oh the dogs, the puppies and I are being spoiled só much by a lot of people It allways is a nice surprise and is highly appreciated: especially when the other dogs are not being forgotten > for they in every way have to settle for much less these weeks. But this time there was a really surprising surprise for me. You don’t know this but I have “a private web-master”. Yes really. And he surprised me with …


But then there was that so important and by all long awaited moment to announce which puppy and family would become a match. A – for me – heavy and responsible task. It is also always wait and see wheather my choice is to be accepted. But future owners and I must be on the same wavelength for everyone apparently has been presented “the hoped for“ puppy.


And the final closure of week 6?
Thát really was an important happening. For it was the day for the chipper of the Raad van Beheer to come and inject the puppies with a chip. Now all miracles have a chip and now also names and chipnumbers > and so being: the puppies, are linked. They now are officially recognized as pure-bred Schapendoezen. All we have to hope for now is that I presented the correct puppy to the chosen name.