H-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 14.01.2013


Week 4

Yes it’s true. We are now finally enjoying and being happy.

Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo is doing fine and better by the day and so our worst worries are over. She is getting more energetic and is participating more and more in the “normal-doggie-life” in Casa Cocódotjes. The dogs once again all go for their walks together and in the morning and the evening she eats her meal together with the others. Also she more and more – in between her work as a mum – is together with the other dogs and is to be found together with them in their dog baskets. The vet had another look at her and – like me – is pleasantly surpised. Allowed in “our side of the room “ besides her daughter Ròsa Ke-sera now also is her grandma Cocó that is as long as she accepts the rules What a bunch eh?


In the meantime almost all future families have been to visit us and well, how could it be different they all think our Cocódotjes-miracles to be só beautifull, sweet and “how big they are”.


The Cocódotjes-miracles by the way are doing really good. They are growing bigger and heavier and are super-movers and they loud and clear are to be heard when they get their eyes on mama Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo. How disappointed they are when she only comes around to check and does not serve them her whipped cream. They all are good eaters and this week they – every day a little more – have had minced steak and since Sunday the minced steak is gradually replaced by tripe. Do they like that? Wow after feeding them I have to count fingers. Yes, my fingers, for the minced steak and the tripe I feed them by hand. This way we all enjoy. Only when they will start with the dry food, the food bowls appear.


After we last week sort of expanded their living-space, we have now done that properly, as we are used to having it. And they will be allowed more space as and when they need it. Once again they are só good I put up the puppy-fence, and lay down some newspapers in one corner and they go do their pi-pi there. And when they have the opportunity (mummy is also still around) also their dog-poo.

Oh, they are so very, very adorable. They make these cute noises when sleeping, about half of them love sleeping while lying on their backs and the other half hangs on or over something, and when sleeping and dreaming their little bodies make such funny movements. Oh,it’s true I am in love. Really, no television needed, just looking at these little Cocódotjes-miracles is high-level-entertainment. Even more when mummy joins them and starts doing roly-poly.