H-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 14.01.2013


Week 2

To start with last week I forgot to mention something really funny. At least: I thought and think it was funny. In my direct living environment I have some very attent and dear people. In that mind – thinking of all the hectic and the worries – some of them offered to make me dinner so I would not have to take care of that: as you can understand, I gladly accepted. Apperently however, last week in our village it was “Sauerkraut”-week to my great surprise I received 3 servings of a Sauerkraut-dish. To my luck > prepared in 3 different ways. So you see that, next to all the sadness and worries, there also was a moment with a smile.  


Yes … the formalities have also been taken care of: the breed-clubs in The Netherlands and Germany have been informed about the birth of the new Cocódotjes-miracles and the Birth-form with the Pedigree-names has been sent to the Raad van Beheer. All but one of the future owners was able to pick a name from my list.


With the puppies all is well. That’s simply how it is. They drink and grow well, okay: each day there is one that gains a little less weight, but I then give this puppy a little more attention when feeding. Mummy Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo however is still having a hard time. She still does not eat and/or drink by herself so I am the one who needs to take care that she in whatever way gets enough food and fluids. That’s not easy, let me assure you.

To be sure that there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her, I had her blood tested on whatever was possible. It took the longest hour thinkable before I received the results, but there in that sence was nothing wrong with her, just a little anemia, which is not unusual after giving birth. Besides not being well, she again is the súpermum as we know her: the moment one of the little miracles makes a sound she is there to check and see if all is okay.


This time it isn’t just het daughter Ròsa Ke-sera who is having a hard time understanding that all the attention is not at first directed at her being our “baby”, now also Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s grandma Cocó is objecting. Being the great-grandma of the new Cocódotjes-miracles she believes she also is entitled to the proper amount of attention. Hijo and Rubí however simply adjust to and accept the situation.

The first of the future puppy-owners have been to visit us and were allowed to show their admiration.

And then week 2 this week ofcourse also was exciting in waiting for the puppy-eyes to open and to see the puppies start moving around on their legs. Well, we can now tell you that on Saturday 2 males had their eyes open and gradually the rest follows. On Sunday the whole bunch could stand on their legs and waggled around in the birth-box.