H-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 14.01.2013



One by one, they left our home. The one after the other went with their new owners to their new homes.


Them leaving is something we take our time to do: one, maximum two per day. Peacefully. Mama Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo ca take all the times she needs to say goodbye to the puppy in question, time to discuss certain things with eachother and time to finish op the necessary paperwork. And also must not be forgotten > to load.


But: it truly was time for them to leave. The miracles were ready to get to now the world outside and to experience and learn a lot of new things. Do not make the mistake to think that it became more quiet in our house with each miracle leaving. Oh no! The others took care of making the necessary uproar. Especially our last-born “witte-de-wit” he could put some of.


Oh-oh, once again we could not let it be. What? Well, we are not so much into benches. So we put a big soft pillow in the puppyfence and oh yes. Real Cocódotjes—descendants > they only go into the bench to get some toys but lay and sleep on the pillow.


Yes and then all of a sudden there are only 3 left. From these 3 we were allowed to enjoy a little longer. Now indeed it is a little less noisy, these are the quietest of the bunch.

We wish all the Cocódotjes-miracles of this H-litter and their new and loving families many, many happy years together.