U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 5

There are 1 bitch + 2 males we do not have families for yet.


5 Weeks have already passed. And these miracles no longer are just little miracles but from time to time little monsters. They are adorable doggies who love to cuddle and by now they can play very nice with whatever is around but they have also started to make clear to one another who is most important. They do so growling, barking, sometimes squeaking or running after each other In the evening when they are in the room with mama Rubí and – for the most – little Besos: cuddling/playing/discovering there always is one – and always the same one – to go discovering on her own.


Beginning of this week we carefully started – still softened – dry food , that only for the much-needed liquid, for these rascals with their complete sets of teeth can very well eat normal dry food. So now that they are able to drink enough water that’s what they get, besides ofcourse the tripe, the cheese, ect. Everything they like, but when I for the 1st time gave them cottage-cheese, they looked at me as if they wanted to say “meat again, next time, please”. Gourmets, they are. Their meals they get served each in their own bowls in an especially made tray, but in the afternoon they get another big round bowl with all kinds of delicacies > they can decide for themselves what they want to eat and how much of it. And ofcourse the dishes also have to be done.


And yes Finally, in the morning they help me clean, but doing so they get só tired that they fall asleep on their feed box.


Any moment now I expect to receive notice from the chipper of the Raad van Beheer telling me when our miracles will get their chip so somewhere these next few days I have to decide which family will be calling which miracles theirs > truely a big responsibility. So that’s for the coming week from then they will also have to get used to their new names. Now I call them “blue-bell/old man/grey beard/crown prince/bear/handsome/red. Quiet a change, for them and for me.


To be continued.