U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 6

There are 1 bitch + 1 male we do not have families for yet.  


6 weeks old already. And we heard that here and there, there is a countdown for the moment the new family-member can come home with them. I am só happy that everyone is só much looking forward to having a miracle of our Rubí.


This week they “moved’” to a new house: the birthbox has been replaced by a big, big bench. During the whole time of rebuilding – them being in the puppy-fence directly in front of it – they did as if nothing was going on and as if they were sleeping. And when everything was done and refurnished, they didn’t want to have anything to do with it and lay down on a heap and as far away as possible. But them being as curious as the are, they came to have a look, finally all climbed in and played and played and played. The big dogbed in the puppy-fence -with a soft bed in it- is also highly appreciated.   


Mama Rubí: everyone should feel sorry for her. The miracles still find “a good glass at the milkbar” só tasty and she still só much likes serving it to them, but it is extreemly hard for her to stay on her feet doing so. That’s no surprise : Rubí barely weighing 19 kg while those 7 boozers already weigh way over 30 kg together.


his week also was the week during which was to be decided which puppy was to go to which family. As for 2 puppies we have not yet found families, it made it a bit harder to decide. But we managed. Everyone is happy with the choice made for them and the motivation for it. So from now on everyone can come to visit “their”-puppy-to-be. 

Besos will have a hard time when they will be leaving our house.   


And today is the day the vet came. The whole puppy-pack has to undergo a medical check-up and they will get their 1st puppy-vaccination. How did they do? Like is to be expected from miracles of us > quiet and accepting what needs to be and not giving a sound when they got their shot. Also good to know: the men are “complete” men.


To be continued.