C-nest Ke-Sera de Cocó’s Hijo d.d. 10.11.2011


Week 4

It’s going way too fast. Half of “our” time has already passed by. And it’s becoming só nice again. Not only is it that time flies but also the way the Cocódotjes-miracles develope. Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo is and stays a very caring and alert mama, mild and sweet but clear. One of the lads has outstripped the ladies in weight, they both however stay sharp and stay the cock of the worp. The first “strange” people were allowed to hold a puppy and feeling is só different to seeing.  


This was a week with probably the most and biggest changes in one time for now and to come. For, they now can come out of the birthbox having their first – nog too big yet – puppy-ren: which they find wonderfull. The most amazing thing about this however is that from the first moment on they walk out of the birthbox and do “what they need to do” on the newspapers in the puppy-ren. Isn’t that super? Even in the middle of the night they get up, walk to the newspapers, do what needs to be done, walk back, lie down and go to sleep again.


Then, this week, we started feeding them real food > of course out of my hand. To start with they get minced rumpsteak. The first time they looked at me real sour “what are you putting in our mouth now?” but once they tasted they wouldn’t stop and could have eaten my fingers. They got this 4 times per day. Me doing this, at first was not at all to Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo’s satisfaction, but once she was also given some she was fine with it and I could go on. Someone said “you don’t have boef-doesjes but boeuf-doesjes”: it only differs 1 character. (sorry: play on words, in this case only funny/understandable in Dutch).  

The second last day of this fourth week we partly replaced the minced rumpsteak for raw tripe and this is being highly appreciated. Mmm. All doggies now are capable of giving little barks and they have started exploring eachother, toys and the world. And when I step into the birthbox I have all 8 climbing in my legs ouch! And as if this all – and one can’t say is hasnt been a lot – wouldn’t be enough since the beginning of this fourth week they all have teeth, in upper and lower jaw. And thay give súch sweet kisses mmm. Kisses tasting so good as to make one want more more.