Pups van Djaya de Besos


Week 1


the new 9 I-miracles


Late the evening before she made aware that it wasn’t going to take long anymore, but that it would all go thát fast….
At 00.20 hrs. the first miracle was born and at 08.00 hrs. it was a closed case with the birth of nr. 9.
Our I-litter consists of 4 pretty girls and 5 handsome lads.
A wonderful result of the loversdate of Djaya de Besos and Xep.

As always, born in the presence of the other girls ,who behaved perfectly, though Hniña wasn;t at ease with the sounds of the puppies > that made her feel uncomfortable.
Once again the Vet was very content : all looked truely fine he said.
Djaya however wasn’t at all happy with him touching her children, and if I wouldn’t have kept her very close to me he would not have survived the battle unharmed.

After the next day informing the owner of daddy Xep, the day thereafter it was time for the families we hope to make happy with a Cocódotjes-miracle.
It stays hard to call those families for whom that wasn’t so.
To our luck we were able to present them a chance to an equivalent alternative.


mama Djaya de Besos with her 9 miracles

The first week it for the most is a matter of paying good attention to mum and her miracles, that the little ones properly gain weight and that mum stays fit. 
Djaya also continues the tradition of only accepting her food and drinks when I offer it to her, sitting on my knees in front of the birthbox. Strong genes! 
And ofcourse we all once again have to get used to having puppies > after all the last time has been 26 months ago!
But : no worry > in no time it was as if it had been yesterday. 

And Djaya de Besos is a very good mum, very caring, protective and sweet.

Immediately the next morning she again joined me going upstairs and 2 nights later she even shortly joined me sleeping on the sofa. 
She also has no problem with the other girls coming inside the puppyfence ( which stays open ), but for now she doesn’t want them in the birtbox. 
Saturday I, after the weighing, one y one introduced each of the miracles to the other girls. While mum was comfortably watching from behind me, they all had the opportunity to smell, sniff and give a lick. 

I couldn’t resist : the tradition to put our Hijo’s doggybed in the birthbox. 
So Djaya can choose where she wants to lie down – with or without her little ones.
They are quiet and content puppies, just every now and then an angry cry can be heard when it takes some time to find a nipple.


mama Djaya with her 1 week old I-miracles

Due to COVID we however will have to handle differently with the families-to-be and friends coming to visit.
But never the less we do not want to skip that.
Growing up with the puppies is something never to forget.

But then…….out of the blue there was this surprise! 
On day 3 our Djaya all of a sudden appeared to have 10 miracles : have a look.
It is male neither female and will stay with us………. 


all of a sudden Djaya has 10 miracles…..

But more about this and more……next time