Pups van Djaya de Besos


Week 5

week05 - foto1

the I-miracles of Djaya de Besos – 29 days old

Week 5… a week of partying, fright, fear, relief and success!

Partying : celebrating Ròsa Ke-sera’s 11th bitrhday!
Still a beauty and in top condition. 

week04 - 7

Ròsa Ke-sera 11 years old and still shining

Fright and fear and relief > our I Besos di Ròsa suddenly got sick! Really bad too.
Luckely our veterinarian made immediate time free for us, Besos now is on medication until the miracles have gone to live with their new families. After that she will immediately be operated on.
Keep fingers crossed for her. 

week04 - 2

I Besos dit Ròsa got sick

Success > the litternames of our I-litter finally were able to be fitted in the new Raad van Beheer-system!! 
Late Friday afternoon the message came through they finally were able to fix it – it made me really happy.
So now, when the Chipper comes, I will have no problem getting the correct names on the paperwork. 

Those I-miracles, by the way, are doing more then excellent.
They are becoming true rascals and are eating so wel they make me poor.
They still only eat from out of my hand or with mum.
They want to have nothing to do with the foodbowls > yes, individually and on my lap, then they do! 

week05 - foto4

mum Djaya de Besos mostly feeds them standing straight

Drinking from the waterbowl also isn’t in their system yet, although some are getting curious.

week05 - foto5a
week05 - foto5b

two curious little lads

The puppyfence has also been made a little spacier and new toys have been added.
With those toys is being played intensive and also together : pulling games and shaking and hiding under.

week05 - foto6

playing hide and seek

And then – after 9 years – it finaly becomes winter again, including serious snowfall.
Even the first true snow for Besos, Djaya and Hniña.
And I can’t go for a lovely snowwalk with my girls, for we ofcourse don’t leave the miracles alone.

week05 - foto7


That’s it for this week.
More about this and more, next time