Pups van Djaya de Besos


Week 3

week03 - 1

the 9 I-miracles – 15 days old

Already week 3 : and I am starting of, telling you about something I forgot to tell in week 1!

Week 1- day 1 even! I completely forgot to tell that also these miracles most certainly have been baptized – as is a custom with us, This time it wasn’t with a delicious Cava Brut (yes : our love for Spain) but with a Prosecco which was a gift to us from the owners of their great-aunt Saartje (Iduña de Ròsa)

week03 - 2

‘baptismal water’ from the owners of great-aunt Saartje

But, week 3 : was a fantástic week, which started of with that lovely bright pink stuff > the first de-worming. Are you unlucky, then they will spit it out in all directions and you have everything covered in it, are you lucky…….which we were!

They all now have ‘litter-names” : Rooie Sien, Dozer, Kikkertje, Jochie , De Prins, Brownie, Beertje, Grijsje and Wriemel. With those they have to live until we know which doggie will belong to which family and which name will be used for them in their new home. In the Pedigree they will be named quiet differently, but I am still strugling with the Raad van Beheer about that : they have a new system and all of a sudden the names don’t fit anymore.

The I-miracles are doing extreemly well.
Keep gaining weight fast, and on day 16 they finally opened their eyes >> oh, they then all of a sudden are só different : then those little heads change to little doggie-heads!
So nice – and most certainly also re-assuring that also that is okay. 

week03 - 3

mum Djaya de Besos and her I-miracles

In the meantime they are able to move on 4 legs real fast : they swarm through the birthbox.
So it was really time to give them some more space in there.
The little doggy-beds they like a lot, I will find the one after the other in them – alone or joined by others – mostly cuddled up close to or under ‘nr 10’. 
When I ‘hang in there’ feeding or giving a drink to mum Djaya >> yes : she still has her staff on her knees – they already start coming to me and start cuddling. 

week03 - 4

comfortably in a little doggy-bed with ‘nr 10 ‘

And then there was another surprise in the house of “ Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó “ 
On 2021.01.20 our Il Divo di Ròsa Van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó ( Oscar ) became dad to 7 puppies with Naya ( des Poilus d’Amour ) : 1 female + 6 males.

week03 - 5

the puppies of Oscar and Naya

Now we have to think hard and deep about how we are going to manage the family visits.
Auntie Corona doesn’t make it easier for us. 

The coming week will again bring a big change to the lives of the I-miracles.
Then Geboortevrouwtje will help their mum Djaya with something.

More about that and more ……next time

week03 - 6

Djaya de Besos her I-miracles – 3 weeks old