Pups van Djaya de Besos


Week 2

week02 - 1

Djaya’s I-wondertjes – 1 week oud

Omg…..it goes só fast!!
About a quarter of their time with us has already passed……ouch! 

Every time again it feels so good and is such a relief when all goes well : growing fine, are shuffling through the birthbox and every now and then make themselves heard of! Just like with former litters, also these I-miracles like to be in great-great-great-grandfather Hijo’s doggybed > again and again I will find one of them there! With or without mum >> but always with miracle nr. 10! 

Mum Djaya de Besos, great-grandmother Ròsa Ke-sera, grandmother I Besos di Ròsa and auntie Hniña de Besos are doing well too. 
They all now are in the rhythm of the miracles – about what, where and when. 
But like true commando troops they – sometimes together, sometimes by themself – lay in front of the puppyfence and guard the fort…….lookes like America! 

week02 - 2

mum Djaya doesn’t let anyone get close

We this week had a visit from the owner of daddy Xep > she as an exception was already allowed to come have a look.
I believe she went home ‘in love’ , liking them very much. Without a doubt we will soon see her again.

week02 - 3

Djaya’s I-miracles – 14 days old

Saturday evening….out of the blue….Djaya joined us in the kitchen when I was preparing dinner for the girls …..and she for the first time since the birth had dinner together with them…. that felt só good.

Had we this week for the first time cut the nails of the squirming miracles : on the last day of this second week we thought it to be time to give them some more space > gradually they start needing some more, and so does mum Djaya when feeding them. This way she can stay close but has her own quiet place from where she can watch them whenever she wants to.

week02 - 4

changed living quarters

We, for the first day of the third week also have plans with them > bright pink plans.

But more about this and more……next time.

week02 - 5

Djaya and her I-miracles – 2 weeks old