Pups van Djaya de Besos


Week 7

week07 foto1

the 9 : 43 days old

Sadly enough, we started the week of with a sad message. 
Te last puppy out of the first litter of our so beloved Hijo, and the brother of our princess Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo passed away on 2021.02.15. 
He was allowed 14 years, 6 months and 28 days. 
He was the first personal dog of Manuel > who now – together with his wife and daughter – is very sad. 
We thank Manuel and his parents Andrea and Gerald for the loving home and good care they have given him. 
Dough now is to be found on our little cloud up above, with his grandma Cocó, his daddy Hijo, his sister 
Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo and our Gossos Gala & Rubí.  


a last moment between Manuel and Dough

And then you have to get back to business as usual! 
Djaya’s I-miracles ask for attention again > they today have a date with the doctor. Very comfortable, safe and relaxed here at home. It’s time for their 6-weeks-old check-up and first vaccination. 
They passed the check-up without remarks, no nasty business what-so-ever at all., and the males….are complete males, they have what males our expected to have. 
Not one of them made a sound, but they did have a good cuddle with the doctor. 
The Vet found it to be a very healthy, very pretty and calm and peacefull litter. 
Auntie Hniña also was in need of her yearly check-up and updating her vaccination, so that was also done > 
as were the miracles, she was found to be healthy “nothing wrong with that young lady”. 


Hniña de Besos also checked and vaccinated

This week all future families for the first time came to visit ‘their’ doggie-to-be,
That immediately is só different! It even is as if those little miracles realize that something has changed, for they immediately behave different with eachother. 

According to their need, the puppyfence has gradually been made larger and new and more exciting toys given. 
So as usual, also the ‘cattoy’….for as long as it lasts….never lives long. 
We are also trying out all kinds of treats and….they love them all and also tolerate them well. 
They however are now becoming more and more noisy > at times it feels like too much…. 

week07 foto4a

I-miracles of Djaya de Besos : true explorers

week07 foto4b

enjoying a piece of smoked duckchest

That’s it for this time. 
The week ahead is almost just for us and we will try to go explore the outside world – as far as possible and allowed in the present Corona circumstances. But : anything we can do is a plus. 

More….next time