Pups van Djaya de Besos


Week 6


the 9 I-miracles – 36 days old

The week started of with feeding the puppies softened dry food. But as all 9, all together, refuse to eat from the foodbowls in the foodtray – how do you mean kids of our little devil – I feed them the one after the other, on my lap, but this way they do eat from the foodbowls! This way feeding each time takes ages,but it was high time starting this of.

As is a custom in Casa Cocódotjes, the dishwashing crew, was ready to get to work.


the dishwashing crew at work

Because we – due to having a litter – cannot go for long walks with the girls < no, not even now when we finally are having snow…. Djaya and Hniña decided to have fun in the back garden – to there make their own snowstorm.


Djaya and Hniña playing in the snow

On Tuesday the Chipper of the Raad van Beheer came to the house > it hasn’t been this early before. 
Early in the lives of the miracles and early on the day. But : he was gone again almost faster > if he was in for 10 minutes, it was a lot! 9 puppies : and in those 10 minutes swaps were taken to provide the DNA-profile and the chip was put in. No checking the mother-dog, no checking the paperwork…… 
He left and I stayed behind with a small pile of chipnumbers and no clue which belonged with whom. 
What else could I do than phone the Raad van Beheer ( for what is in my account one cannot print! ). 
And they sent me a summary of the Pedigree-names now combined with the chipnumbers, so I at least have something. Not really an easy way of working.
And : yes ofcourse > we had a ‘bleeder’, 
Which one? Ofcourse our ‘ringleader’ : Jochie> our male with the yellow ribbon. 


Jochie : ouch!! He hurt me

And finally!! It took a while with these little miracles, but on Tuesday they finally started drinking water from the waterbowl, all of them! They almost pushed eachother away.


finally drinking water from the waterbowl

Taking into consideration being carefull as much as possible, we have continued with the visitis of the families-to-be > sadly some had to cancel due to the wheather situation and the traffic problems. But safety above all! Those who did come, for the first time were allowed to have pupppies on their laps > as well as those who have had a puppy before as those for whom it was the first time : I believe both enjoyed it utmost! 
Once you feel and smell those little bodies and look into those eyes from appr ½ a meter……….unforgettable! 

Just before the weekend it was more than time to replace the birthbox for a big bench with a new puppyfence. It took a little adjusting to for the 9 – and for mama Djaya – but after some exploring, they soon went to sleep in the doggybeds in the bench.


taking down the birthbox


now a big bench wit a new puppyfence

Well….then came Sunday…..I had promised everyone that I would call them that afternoon, to tell them which miracle I had in mind for which family. That’s always a tense moment, you try to do that as serious as you can – in the interest of the miracle as well as the family ….. but it stays ‘wait and see’ whether that choice will be accepted. 
I am glad to say that everyone accepted my choice and explanation why.

That’s it for now
More…..next time 


Djaya’s 9 I-miracles – 6 weeks old