I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 13.9.2013


Week 1

Finally it was time. After we simply thought her to still be too young last year. This time Ròsa Ke-sera – by now 3 ½ years old – was allowed to go on a “loversdate”. And so mid-July we took off to Germany, where her lover was waiting for her anxiously, for to raise the tension even more she kept him waiting for an extra 6 – 7 weeks. A real girl, isn’t she? 

Our hotel was aptly named “ Rosengarten “ and that is where “ it “ was to happen. And “ it “ happened in an unexpected easy way, for all of a sudden our little witch no longer was a little witch, but without hesitation was willing to participate in this new adventure.  


The result the birth on 13.09.’13 of the 5th generation Cocódotjes. And a great-greatgrandmother Cocó still around to experience it.

This time we have 7 Cocódotjes-miracles: 2 handsome men and 5 pretty ladies.

Ròsa Ke-sera had a good pregnancy, even though she from day 1 was more withdrawn than we are used to from her mum. The miracles do well since the first moment and love drinking mama’s milk.


I did not immediatly get to make my bed on the couch this time: Ròsa Ke-sera felt very restless without me close to her, so the first few nights I made my bed beside the birthbox Now the couch has become my bed again and every now and than Ròsa Ke-sera comes lay beside me for some quality-time. Due to Cocó’s age and her almost being blind I, to stay on the safe side, built a fence around the birtbox to avoid Cocó from falling in the birthbox, but the door remains open.


Ofcourse the Vet came to check the puppies within 24 hours and he judged them all to be healthy and well, he even made the remark “such beautifull belly buttons”. Ròsa Ke-sera however has a “tic”. Normally we do not have a doggybed in the birthbox, but all of a sudden I saw Ròsa Ke-sera one by one moving her miracles to her doggybed in the livingroom > nót such a good idea, I thought. So now she has her doggybed in the birthbox and now she fells okay. There she dwells with her off-spring, showing off. Both males are sweet and quiet, but one of the ladies is a gal-with-temperament, 2 other ladies have the time of their life climbing out of the doggybed and then keep screaming untill I come to “save” them > you understand Ròsa Ke-sera has her servants. Both other girls are also sweet and quiet sweethearts. But in the coming weeks we will experience how the caracters will truely develope. For now, we all enjoy our new Cocódotjes-miracles to the max.


In honour of the birth of their miracles daddy Tobi, on holiday with his owners, had them build a statue representing the miracles and their parents.


To be continued.