I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 13.9.2013


Week 6


Just after I, on the last day of week 5, sent out our weekreports and updated our website we received confusing messages concerning one of the future families for one of our miracles. Not so nice I must say. But I am glad they and I were able to make clear to eachother and everyone that on our side there was no lack of clarity and that we were going forward on the same path. I therefore am happy to be able to tell you that we left that for what it is for this week has been filled with nice things, with exciting things and with official things. Nice. Like that.

In the weekend we had a two-day-visit of the owners of daddy Tobi. Besides having had a good time they found our miracles of both our beloved dogs to be very pretty/handsome, heavenly cuddly and só peacefull. And even though I completely agree with them concerning the last remark I can only say that they however are not present in the early hours of the morning and before going to sleep. For then. But than our Cocó. What’s wrong with her? Last week she wanted to go for a walk in the middle of the night and now.  

Last Tuesday, after our visitors had left I wanted to go work in the backgarden a little. I together with her walk out the backdoor – she came jumping over the threshold frolic and fresh – and she really runs outside and júmps over the ( specially made for her ) bamboo-security-fence and into the pond again. And you can forget trying to dry her So I carried her through the house > the water dripping all over, and took her to the garage, leaving her there until most of the water had dripped out. Now please don’t think this is a horrible punishment for her: there is heating in the garage and on the floor lay thick soft carpets > especially for when the dogs come in wet from the rain (or so). Help! what else can I do do now?  


Official like I mentioned last week this could be a special week. And it has been. For today – Thursday – the Chipper from the Raad van Beheer has been here and now the Pedigree-names and the doggies are “linked for life”. Exciting because of the Chipper coming, I before that had to decide which doggie to which family For the males that wasn’t hard to do, for the females however it was harder. But – like that often happens – all of a sudden I knew and I could wright down which lady to which family and why. Eh, that felt good, for after all it is an important decision. Wednesday-evening I phoned all families and informed them about my choice for them and everyone accepted and is happy with my choice.


The miracles are zó cute. They are adorable, free-caracter doggies and can play so nice with the rest of the whole family. With Coco I ofcourse take care she doesn’t get too many puppies in her doggybed at the same time > mostly one-by-one and it is special to se how calm they are when they are with their great-greatgrandmother, very touching. For greatgrandpa Hijo – as usual after appr. 6 weeks – the puppyfun is over now that they can reach up to “what makes him a man“. And he is right. With mama Ròsa Ke-sera they can play very intense. Grandma Ke-sera de Coco’s Hijo and “auntie” Rubí just can’t get enough of the miracles.


What hasn’t been done yet are the 1st puppy-shots. But you know there also has to be something to tell you next week. We finish this week with our very best Birthday- wishes for great-greatgrandmother Cocó and greatgrandpa Hijo, who both celebrate their birthday on October 23 and now are 14 and 10.


To be continued.