I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 13.9.2013


Week 4


A wonderfull week with nothing but positive experiences: I guess we by now deserved that, don’t you think? And the Cocódotjes-miracles are só cute. And they can already hug só fantastic.

All the adult dogs are very happy with the Cocódotjes-miracles and because Ròsa Ke-sera is such a wonderfull relaxed – but also very alert – mum, there is nothing keeping them from walking in and out to cuddle, kiss or just checking. Rubí is the only one who also helps “do the wash” > but she is totally in love with the little ones and would prefer to hug up beside them. Great-greatgrandma Cocó has decided to not go in but to hug and kiss through the bars of the puppyfence > considering her age that is a wise decision.


On the last evening of week 3 we started supplementary feeding. That is when the Cocódotjes-miracles for the first time had minced beef. Well that was a feast. There wasn’t a single moment of doubt > it was: mouth open, taste, swallow. When are we having that again? Every second day we added a meal and so they by now have this 4 – 5 x per day. Week 5 we will slowly start with something else. On October 4 – Animalday with us – the first teeth were noticed with the puppies and 2 days later all mouths were equipped with sharp pins> póór mama Ròsa Ke-sera. Now it’s not only nails but also teeth attacking her.


Another activity on Animalday: we took the frontshelf out of the birthbox and also extended the livingsspace of the Cocódotje-miracles with their first puppy-fence. At first they did not like this at all. That weird rustling of newspapers under their feet > no, they preferred a soft bed like in the birthbox and > they demonstrative turned to go do a pee there. Rascals that’s what they are. But, that afternoon there was a change of mind and we found them peeing on the newspapers. Hurray.

Mama Ròsa Ke-sera needed some time to get used to them walking wherever and all over, but that was only for a moment. In the meantime she is a Champion in luring them out so she can go cuddle with them in the livingroom or her doggybed. And the miracles immediatly decided to go have a drink. Because the door in the puppyfence is always open for mummy and the other dogs, the miracles escaping is rather regularity than exception, which makes me needing to come and bring them back.


They ofcourse have been held and cuddled by our inside-crowd, but now out of the blue “strange people” were allowed to hold them It made mama Ròsa Ke-sera and grandma Ke-sera de Coco’s Hijo a little nervous. But the miracles looked up at the people, calm and confident.


We are very much looking forward to week nr 5. To be continued.