I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 13.9.2013


Week 5


It doesn’t have anything to do wit our miracles. Although: indirectly it has ofcourse, because she is their great-greatgrandma. And it is tó special to ignore. So I have to start this week’s report with a final happening at the end of week 4 Our old lady, our “majesty”: Cocó, the great-greatgrandmother of the present Cocódotjes-miracles, these last weeks few weeks hasn’t really been willing to go out with the other adult dogs.   

Usually I take her out separately – when she signals she needs to – just for a short round, no more than it takes to do what se needs to do. But this Thursday-evening she was in the mood and so she and I – just the two of us – at midnight went for a walk that lasted one hour. My old lady and I. After that she slept “like a ròsa”. Isn’t that great. I can be completely happy with something like this.


But okay: also week 5 of the Cocódotjes-miracles is history now. And it was a busy week I can assure you. Besides that they are growing extreemly well and in the meantime have turned into real doggies, it was a week filled with visitors from abroad, with step-by-step more livingspace, all kinds of different things to eat and you name it. Eating, they with us do in our own special way (which I have noticed is being copied all over) and they immediatly eat in a very orderly way. But what else can you expect: they are só bright.


By now the whole bunch has started playing with toys, gather up to drag around the centipede and/or the crocodile, try to climb out of the birthbox and in the middle of the night they keep matches “who escapes first and has her catching them again”. Yes, they are rascals.


We once again can be real happy, for also these Cocódotjes-miracles in about 3 weeks will go to real loving families, where they will live a hopefully long but in any case happy life. Everyone is very enthousiastic and most of them have already taken care of buying everything that can possibly be needed > what fails is their miracle. Patience please: your time wil come.


But then next week… If any week is special, this one surely will be. More about that next time. To be continued.