I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 13.9.2013


Week 7


How fast does time passes by. And how much there is that needs to be done.  

The Cocódotjes-miracles of Ròsa Ke-sera now are 7 weeks old and within a week the first one will go to his new family. How was week 7, what happened. Now, for the first time puppies of ours needed to be registered (new law). Easy to do, one would think. Well no. I was able to fill in all that needed to be but as soon as I went to the area to arrange payment an error-message. Because I did receive the registration-confirmation of all puppies I assume it to be okay and if not I will find out when I have to undo the registration. Ofcourse also this week there were the usual things like de-worming, cutting mails aso. New was this week was, that I cut of the plume on the pipi’s of the males. Both gents made no problem of it at all, they calmly lay back in my arms. Heroes they are.


Finally the day was there that the vet came to our house: health-check and 1st puppy-vaccination. Well, the miracles behaved súper, they didn’t make a sound, no they even cuddled with the vet. And the vet declared them to be very healthy puppies, no heart-murmurs, no umbilical hernias, nice strong sets of teeth in broad mouths, good and long tails, clear eyes and clean ears and popo’s what else can you ask for. When the puppies were done, the adult dogs also had their health-check and yearly vaccination.


Now that the miracles have their chips and have been vaccinated we could start experiencing the outside world. By now they have done a numerous amount of kilometers, they have been to the garden-center where they have been touched and admired by lots of people, and also they have been on the leish in the front-garden to be aware of what happened, like people passing by, children, dogs, cats, birds, cars everything they liked.

They also have enjoyed the storm: I opened the garden-doors wide and put them directly in front > they had great fun with the leaves blowing around their heads and with chasing them. Ofcourse, cleaning up was for me. Together with mama and the other adult dogs they discover our house and they love racing through the room on their beautifull long legs. They also love the smell of the doggy-beds of the other dogs.  


Since they are just over 6 weeks old they eat their dryfood unsoftened. Astonishing.
The owners of daddy Tobi once again came to visit us and they keep being excited. 
Hear, hear, hear our Cocódotjes-miracles are “capclean”.


That’s it for week 7, end of week 8 saying goodbye is to start. More about that in our next report.


To be continued.