I-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 13.9.2013


Week 3


After a closure as we had of week 2 – saying goodbye to Grey – one really needs some time to recover to be able to continue as one should. I, for instance, on Friday turned everything in the birthbox upside down twice because I only saw 6 miracles and was looking for nr. 7 Complete panic. But now everything is okay again. We had families for all 7 miracles, so we had to tell one family for a bitch that we could no longer help them, not the easiest thing to do. 

And the next day – how strange life sometimes works – another bitch came available again due to the future family at this moment not having enough time to properly start with a new puppy.
That is why we now still have one female looking for a new family.


The duo men and the quartet females keep growing very well, now with eyes open they have súch cute snouts. And they truely follow all my movements. Also they emphatically respond to my hands and touch and lóve to be caressed. Their legs by now have become quiet strong and the waggeling through the birthbox has changed into running quiet fast and climbing out Slowly small differences are showing: some like to hang over something on their stomache (like mama Ròsa Ke-sera used to do when she was young ), some love to lay their head on something as on a pillow (like great-great-grandma Cocó), or like to hide behind something (like grandma Ke-sera de Cocó’s Hijo) or lay flat on their back “showing off” (like great-granddad Hijo). It is só nice to see back those recognisable things from the former 4 generations. But they all hang at the milkbar, moaning while drinking. And three of them, when they in fact ar full and hardly hang onto a nipple, make those funny slurping sounds, as if drinking air. These 2 last things none of the other four have done: it is all their’s.


This week they for the first time have been dewormed and that to us was very special because normally is a very easy thing to do. Well, not with these miracles: they managed to spit it out faster than I could put it in. They ar becoming expensive doggies this way. Their nails also had to be cut again, which this time gave no problems > so without the shouting of the first time.


To be continued.