Pups van Hniña de Besos


Week 1

foto 1 - de 6 J-wondertjes van Hniñ de Besos

Hniña de Besos her 6 J-miracles

Grandma I Besos di Ròsa has given us daughters who both are good in giving birth rapidly!
Just like her big sister Djaya de Besos, Hniña de Besos fixed the job in an instant.

After she about an hour before showed it would not take much long, her sextuplets were born in no more than 2 hrs and 55 minutes : 4 pretty girls and 2 handsome lads.

Also this time, all the family was present at the happening and after each birth,
3 heads with pointed ears and sniffing noses pointed up in the air.
I am só happy that in our house it is possible this way.

And also this time as usual they have been baptized.
With especially for this occasion preserved bubbles.

foto 2 - doopbubbels

Baptism bubbles

A few hours later the Vet came to check them and mum over, and once again was very pleased : all looked fine he said. Hniña was a little friendlier to him than her big sister Djaya 2 years ago was,
though it shouldn’t have lasted longer than it did…….

After that, we informed the owner of daddy Kian, who also was happy.
Then we phoned the families we were able to make happy and yes…..also had to make a few calls with the message
‘I am sorry, we don’t have enough’….that’s só hard to do.
But also this – after the disappointment had been dealt with – could be settled.
We are very happy with families who are so glad to shortly will be welcoming a
Cocódotjes-miracle in their homes.

foto 3 - de 6 J-mama Hniña de Besos met haar zesling

mum Hniña de Besos with her 6 puppies

Hniña de Besos is a trouble free, cautious mum.
She handles everything in a very relaxed way…..but she sets her limits.
The first night she already came sleep on the sofa with me for a while > that has never happened so fast before!
But it does show that she is confident and feels fine. She, in fact, the second day even wanted to go out for a walk with the other three > but sorry, that has to wait a little longer.

And yes : once again the tradition of placing our Hijo’s doggybed in the birthbox has been kept.
Also Hniña likes having the choice where to lie down with or without her offspring.
And again we have quiet and satisfied puppies, it’s just that one of the girls has too much to tell!

Week 1 - foto 4 -Hniña de Besos met haar 1 week oude zesling

mum Hniña de Besos with her 1 week old J-miracles

It’s wonderful that this time the situation is more relaxed – due to the changed situation with COVID; still everyone has been asked to be carefull.

We feel very privileged that we do have loving families for each of our miracles, it means we can spend all our time on them and the families.

About this and more……next time