Pups van Hniña de Besos


Week 6

week 6 - foto 1

The six – 36 days old

This sixth week started of fabulous; the six eat like dockworkers!
All of a sudden : isn’t that fantástic?
Besides the meals, whatever I present them – and here that’s lots > everything is delicious.

It was a busy week.
There ofcourse were  the weekly visits of the families-to-be > always energy-consuming:
lots of questions and one also wants to explain a lot and advise.

This also was the week in which I needed and wanted to decide which miracle suited best to which family
> for that I during the weeks before keep lists, and then all of a sudden…… I know!
I am glad everyone this week came to visit again, helped finalize my decision.
Did the phonecalls : glad to say that everyone was happy with my choice and the reason why

The sixth this week also moved into different living quarters.
Now the birthbox has been replaced by a big bench and they have a once again bigger penn and lots of different toys
> they at first did not at all like that ‘hutch’, but it didn’t take long before they lay there sound asleep > all in a heap!

week 6 - foto 2a

New housing with a bigger penn

week 6 - foto 2b

Unfamiliar at first but then sound asleep

Keeping us waiting for quiet a while but it finally was time : the six are drinking from the waterbowl.
The eldest started; and just like with sheep…..once one of them goes over the dam …… the rest automatically follows.

week 6 - foto 3

Drinking from the water bowl

This also was a week for ‘official business’.
For on Wednesday they got their chip and were ‘swapped’ for the DNA-profile.
On Thursday there was the second check-up by the Vet and for their first vaccination.
Glad to say ythat both happenings were done without any problems, all 6 were declared to be ‘healthy puppies’ and both males ‘true males’. Happy that ‘done is done’.

week 6 - foto 4

A pile of chip numbers and passports