Pups van Hniña de Besos


Week 5

week 5 - foto 1

The six – 29 days old

This was a week, during which the six made big steps.

Not only do they again have a bigger penn, only partly with trainigspads – for the rest space to play.
There also were all kinds of other toys, those they can pull, they can roll, that make noises, that they can walk around with in their little mouths. They liked for the most that little cat toy

week 5 - foto 2

Bigger penn with other layout and new toys

They also learned that food does not only come from mum Hniña de Besos and / or out of the hands of Geboortevrouwtje…..no, it’s also possible to eat from their own foodbowls.
There was a little hesitation, but it didn’t take them long to quietly go eat.
And no : here it is not allowed to ‘eat at the neighour’s’.
Try that and Geboortevrouwtje puts you back at your own bowl.
It was hardest for mum Hniña de Besos……..

week 5 - foto 3

Eating from their own bowls

Everyone has come to visit again this week – the last ones of this week will be coming Saturday – and they as always were surprised seeing how fast those little miracles grow.
The biggest surpprise however was……..being allowed to hold them and having them on their lap.
That was something no-one expected to happen yet.
Isn’t it always fun to be able to surprise people?!

week 5 - foto 4

Hugging time with maum Hniña de Besos

For the coming week we have a few very special happenings on our calender.

More about that and more……..next time