Pups van Hniña de Besos


Week 7

foto 1

The six – 43 days old

Thanks to Christmas, we had 2 whole days completely to ourselves
Two days during which we not needed to explain anything, to teach, to advise, etc etc etc
Just nice and comfy ‘just us’.
The Chritmasman however did forget to take one of his raindeers with him………..

foto 2

The Christmas man forgot one of his raindeers

The day after Christmas, we gave the miracles some more room to play, once again put in new toys
…… and a really big pillow!
They loved having more space to race, but the pillow> love at first site!
They used it as a watchout,  they played on it, froliced on it, fell asleep on it ( and then slipped of ),
they also fought on it, but also used it to …. do kaka! BAH!!
But the fun they had was great to watch!

foto 3a

Larger playground

foto 3b

Now also with a big pillow

foto 3c

BAH! On the pillow

This week also was the week for the families to come visit for the fourth and last ime
Always very special : also being the week to come visit their own little miracle : for now everyone knows what miracle will be with which family.
Explained the last things, showed how to combe a Schapendoes – each time on one of my girls.
And ofcourse tried to answer the many, many questions.

Also the six, as soon as they hear I am in the kitchen am starting working on their food, gather in the corner of the penn and loudly make clear ….WE WANT FOOD!

foto 4


Now for a moment we are taking a breath and then : it will be time to get to know the outside world.

More about that and more …… next time