Pups van Hniña de Besos


Week 8 and a part of Week 9

week 8 - foto 1

the six – 50 days old

And before you know it, it’s week 8……………………….also being the last week being all together…..

And for the first time in al little more than 4 weeks, being the first week having no ‘families-to-be’ coming to visit.
Also being the week during which we were going out to discover the outside world.
We didn’t succeed in doing all we wanted to do : due to the wheather and – for instance – no kids in the playgrounds,
So as far as kids are concerned they were depending on neighnbour kids and those of one of the families.
For the rest we did all we wanted to do.

Ofcourse the six had the luck of still being with us to celebrate their first New Years Eve and New Year!
We as well as we could prepared them on a daily base since they were 3 weeks old, so….
Well : at 18 hrs we for a moment were shocked, because the noise suddenly broke loose!
Well…..which from that houre was allowed….
But almost immediately the shock was over.
At midnight I , one by one, took them on my arm  outside into the backyard and that was fine. : they showed being more interested in what happened up in the sky than that the noise bothered them.
A good way to get acquainted with it.

Their sleeping quarters started to get a little crowdy, so we added an extra bench > so they could choose where to lie down, change places if wanted and didn’t have to ‘pile up’.

foto 2

More space to sleep

Then it was time to prepare everything for the departure of some of the J-miracles.
So said, so done.

And ofcourse on their last evening together – and so their last supper together – our traditional  way of having that
>> for once they were allowed to all together eat from one foodbowl! PARTYTIME!

foto 3a

Last supper together for the J-miracles

And then came Thursday………in the morning the first one left us, the second one in the afternoon.
It just so happened to be both males : 2 wonderful chaps
The next morning it was our firstborn’s turn to leave – a female,
and on Saturday our second youngest left us
– another female/
Leaving us with just 2 females………they will stay with us a little longer………

foto 4

Females staying a little longer

About that and more…….next time……in our final weekly litterreport in February