U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014



And then, in no time, 8 weeks had flown away and the first miracles had left with their new families to go live in the new homes where they will go live from now on. After these 8 weeks that was a fact for 5 of the 7 miracles.
That left 1 male and 1 female still waiting for their own families.


These two didn’t mind a bit to all of a sudden have all that space and attention just for them, and it became really enjoyable once they found they also got lots more freedom. And that they several times a day were allowed to go out walking. It became even more fun when they noticed that it made me very happy – and they were rewarded with sweets – as soon as they “did what needed to be done outside” > you could see them thinking “crazy people those humans”.


Then all of a sudden we came in contact with a couple that very much wanted to have a male. And after a few visits, good conversations and ofcourse a lesson in combing, it – on the day he was 10 weeks old – was time for this last little male to leave us the last man to leave.


Well and then only 1 little U-litter-miracle was left. A very pretty and extreemly sweet little girl was the only one still was with us. The firstborn puppy I by then had really had it with all those obstacles in the house, so everything but the bench was put away again. Not the bench. Indeed, for one doesn’t know whether the family she would one day belong to wanted to use a bench. It therefore was wise to keep her used to a bench. I myself do not use a bench for the miracles that stay with us to be part of our pack.


This little girl was such a sweet little girl, so relaxed and so reachable, that immediately was decided to just let her live like one of the Cocódotjes-family. The walks she did with her mama Rubí, like the Schapendoezen did their walks together. And she enjoyed that very much. Together with our own little Schapendoes-miracle Besos – she only being 6 months old – she had the time of her life and our Schapendoes-male Hijo once again was “the hero” next to whom she could lie down and crawl up against.


Our youngest Schapendoes Besos got very, very ill. And then 2 puppies together isn’t what one wants. To our luck a loving familiy who have a halfsister of the little girl offered to take care of her for a while. Together with her halfsister Pip she had a wonderfull time. And we were told the family enjoyed her company to the utmost.


Once back home with us she joined in as if she hadn’t been away. But surprise. While she was away we were contacted by people who very much wanted to become her new and loving family. They very soon came to visit. And what else could one expect they saw her and fell in love and seeing what a kind and affective dog her mama Rubí is, it soon was obvious that she also had found her own and loving family. After a few more visits and a lesson in combing she was allowed to leave with them. So she also could start life with her own family. I felt good about her leaving with them.


And now life in “Casa Cocódotjes & Españolas“ is getting back to normal again. Al the little miracles of Rubí’s U-litter are there where they will spend the rest of their lives and we have been informed that all families are very happy with their new family-member. It won’t take long before we see them again: when we come to visit them at their new families. And not long after that we will have our first Litter-walk.


We wish all little miracles of Rubí’s U-litter a happy, healthy and long life with the loving people who were willing to open their hearts and homes for them. Be happy!