U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 7

1 Bitch + 1 male still are in need of new families  


This already was week 7, a week loaded with activities which started with the last offiial thing to do: the Chipper from the Raad van Beheer came to chip the miracles. When they come, then first all te paperwork needs to be shown and checked: the original Pedigree of the mother-dog, the Kennel-registration of the breeder and the the proof of membership of the Breed Club, well: that proof of membership we hadn’t received. To our luck the chipper didn’t make a fuss about it, but it ofcourse is incorrect.


That being said, the miracles got their chip and the one after the other did so without making a sound untill the lastborn had her turn: the female with the red ribbon – she cried out livery loud for > it hurted.

The miracles are growing very fast and are getting more active by the day – or should I say: by every part of the day – their fights are also getting intenser which once again shows it becoming a necessity for them to soon go to their new families. Now that the miracles got their 1st vaccination as well as their chip, the time had come for them to explore the outside world.

It is so nice we have a veranda attached to the house so they can walk in and out as they please to do without getting wet. Next step is to discover the garden (and get dirty).

But after that it really starts: going for a ride in the car. First in our village: traffic island here, traffic island there, turning left, turning right, using the brakes, give gas > in other words: shake – shake – shake.

Then we go on longer rides, to start with: going shopping for the miracles in Barneveld and – not al all logical, but we do it for the kilometers – the drive back home over Utrecht. We have also been to the moor in Stroe > now thát was nice.

Ofcourse we also made sure that lots of people were able to caress and to admire them them when we took them in a shopping-cart through a Garden Center. It’s a way to keep them occupied, isn’t it. But whatever we do and whatever they experience, one thing is more than certain: the miracles still are no more than baby’s for as soon as we come home, what they do is: drink water, “go to the bathroom” and sléép.


Besos keeps being busy with them and very regularly gets “flooded” by the miracles: she no more than 10 kg and the 7 who all together weigh over 40 kg.


And then on Monday mama Rubí and our Schapendoes-male Hijo once again accepted the invitation of the Local Autority of Nijkerk, to be present at the “ Tribute to the Champions of 2013 “ This is for everyone in our community who wins a World a European and/or a Dutch Championship title. Rubí represented our Gossos and Hijo represented our Doezen.


To be continued.