U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 4


This fourth week was simply wonderful. The miracles are becoming só nice, they have now turned into real little doggies. On their little – now steady – legs they are able to cross through the birthbox and the puppyfence and chase after eachother. Last time I wrote that our – now almost 5 months old – little Schapendoes Besos was in love with them well, it turned into true love. And try and keep her away from them. No way If I don’t voluntary open the door for her then she simply jumps in It’s só nice to see that love is there on both sides, for as soon as she is in they immediatley run to her to play and cuddle.  


These puppies are adorable sweet puppies, they love to cuddle and be cuddled and show a very pleasant and friendly behaviour. They are champions in eating, whatever I give them is accepted with great enthusiasm. So it’s no wonder they put on weight very well, today the heaviest one crossed the 3 kg-line.

They have discovered they can use eachother as toys and are also already able to roll a ball. What they can also do is tare up newspapers. So true rascals they also are. But during the night that’s when they are fantastic. The whole pack sleeps from 24.00 until 06.00 hrs. “Thank you” say mama Rubí and I.


Rubí was and stays at ease with everything. Her weight is good and her coat still is beautiful, she just needs to be combed more often because of her squawking offspring. Last week she stated to want to eat together with the others again, now she no longer wants to have her own waterbowl, but wants to drink out of the “here-the-others-also-drink”-waterbowl. Isn’t she a caracter? I am curious to find when she will want to go walk together with the others again, for that she does not want to do yet. We are also anxious to find when the enthousiastic and loving families for our last available miracles will be there.

To be continued.