U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 3


Already 3 weeks have flown away. The miracles are growing up. This week much has happened to and with them:  

– all of them have opened their eyes
– from one day to another – truly: overnight – they all had teeth > in upper- and lowerjaw
– they managed to climb out of the birthbox

one little lady is a real champion in doing so and once out, she sits down and pees on the carpet. As if she wanted to say “can’t you see we are big doggies now”? – and so they got more space: their 1st puppy-fence is there. And they love it. And we put newspapers down and immediately the one after the other went there to pee. So don’t tell me these aren’t miracles.


Our very young little Schapendoes is madly in love with the miracles, you can’t keep her away from them, if she would have the chance she would steal her way in and lay down beside them. Rubí has no problem what so ever that the other Schapendoes-ladies pay a visit and that they then cuddle and kiss is also okay.


Our Schapendoes-male Hijo is not very interested this time! Every now and then he comes have a look but this time no cuddling.


Rubí is completely at ease with everything, she walks in and out to feed or give a wash, and somtimes only to have a look. She is to be found everywhere in the house and she lies down where ever she feels like. She also eats 2 “normal” meals together with the others in the kitchen: it’s cosy again. We also started extra-feeding the miracles and that is to the full satisfaction of Rubí, because she also gets some. And who doesn’t like steak? 


To be continued.