U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 2


Its incredible how fast this bunch grows. By the end of this 2nd week they have just about trippled their birthweight or more. Little fat monsters, that’s what they are. But that at the same time it says all about the quality of mama Rubí’s milk, doesn’t it? Rubí eats a tremendous lot of food – all different kinds of things for, with such amounts it otherwise isn’t enjoyable anymore. She for the most prefers her food and drinks to be “dished up” to her while she is feeding her offspring > oh-oh, how alike my girls are.


The relations between Rubí and the other dogs is very good, they all know what makes her feel comfortable and take care in not crossing those boundaries. “Sweet sis” Ròsa Ke-sera has unlimited access to the miracles and is also allowed to sniff and cuddle. Little Besos is allowed in when I go feed Rubí ( see above ) and then may “clean” Rubí’s foodbowls. And when Rubí is in the birthbox, cuddling her miracles, Hijo and Besos lie close to the puppyfence with a look saying“we also want to be in”.


They by now are able to go for a stroll, okay: on shaky little legs, but they are able to make a good tempo. Now it’s waiting for them to show us their eyes > thát’s when they start being real little dogs.


To be continued.