U-nest Rubí d.d. 14.01.2014


Week 1


After Ròsa Ke-sera last year came into heat appr. 2 months late, Rubí on her turn decided to come 1 month earlier than expected. This meant that we from the one Schapendoes-litter – of which we kept a little girl – we almost went straight on to the other Gos-litter. Being a little too much, I must say, but what can you do? It’s “nature”. It’s sort of a custom with our ladies, not waiting for the full 63 days to pass, but wanting to show the world their adorable offspring around day 60. So did Rubí.

And adorable the Roebeltjes-miracles are : 2 girls and 5 lads we could welcome to the family. They have been doing well from the start and drink very well.   


This time not because of Cocó’s age etc., but to protect our Besos from a fresh mama Rubí – and maybe the puppies from Besos – we again built a fence around the birtbox but also this time : the door remains open a safe housing.


Ofcourse the Vet came to check the puppies within 24 hours and he judged them all to be healthy and well. And Rubí thought to have the same rights as her “sister” Ròsa Ke-sera and now also has a doggybed in the birthbox, and now also she dwells there with her off-spring, showing off.

One of the males immedialtly showed himself to be a real menace and the next day managed to scream and scream for 2 ½ hours. One of the other boys already this 1st week managed to climb out of the birthbox.  

The ladies – who, by the way were born first and last – at the moment are big girls and have no problem showing the men their place. In the coming weeks we will experience how the caracters will truely develope. For now, we all enjoy our new Roebeltjes-miracles to the max. 


To be continued.