M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015

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28.01.2015 Ultrasound Yes!

We already thought so, but the medical check-up and ultrasound proved it. Ròsa Ke-sera and Aris indeed are expecting. 4 weeks today. We may look forward to new Cocódotjes-miracles in the beginning of March 2015.

dekmelding 1

While the last roses in our garden lost the last of their leaves or – still a rosebud – were frozen and families were recovering from festive Christmas days or were preparing for New Year’s Eve and New Year our Ròsa Ke-sera had us going back and forward to the Clinic numerous times for bloodtests etc but finally. Exactly on New Yeaers’s Eve and New Year our very own rose Ròsa Ke-sera had a romantic encounter in Germany.

dekmelding 2

The man of her choice this time is a very interested 6-year old gentleman.

dekmelding 3

This couple experienced their own “fireworks”.

dekmelding 4

Both parents HD-A, g-PRA ++ and ECVO-free.
The combination has been approved by the German IGS.
We hope for new Schapendoes-miracles in the beginning of March 2015.