M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015


Week 3


They have already grown só big Nice and chubby they are. Those little wobbly legs of last week, have become quiet strong and when they find it necessary they can already cross through the birth-box in high speed. They have now been de-wormed for the first time and where that sometimes – when you are unlucky – can give a pink ‘shower’ from the mouth and shortly there after a yellow one from the behind; it this time gave no problems. We also cut their nails again for they grow só fast that mama Ròsa Ke-sera’s tender skin can’t endure that. Also all eyes are open now and ever since that moment the miracles turned into real doggies > só cute.


A better mama than Ròsa Ke-sera is hard to imagine, she takes such good care of them: lovely to see. And it also stays to be so wonderfull that all the other dogs stay relaxed with the present situation, they keep being interested and helpfull, but with respect to the real mama. Sweet-daughter I Besos di Ròsa from her first litter for sure cannot get enough of it. Besos also is the one who charmes all our guests, our little heartbreaker she is.


Remember we gave the miracles some more space last week. Well it’s a good thing we did, for due to them growing so well it’s getting really full in there It won’t take long before the birthbox no longer is enough for them and their world will need to be expanded. As sweet and quiet as also these miracles are do they think it’s time for the milkbar to open up again, they can make só much noise. They then tumble over each other screaming and yelling and squeeking.


By now visitors come and go in a continuous process and especially the future owners > they all are so enthousiastic that most of them have made all their appointments for the coming weeks. A lot is being explained and prepared “for later” and the coming week the younger children can come visit for the first time > I am looking forward to seeing the expressions on their faces when they see and meet our miracles for the frst time. For the coming week we again have new adventures planned for the miracles.

More about that next time.