M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015


Week 7


The miracles are growing so fast that the puppy-fence very regularly needs to be enlarged, it won’t take long before we can hardly move around it. They are a lovely, lively bunch, they can play and have fun together and with toys, they at times test the relation with their siblings and are starting to secure the place they think they have in the pack. That makes you aware of the fact that the time for a life with their own family is approaching Are they hungry or do they see me go to the kitchen they like a hungry pack very loudly can make clear they expect me to do something for them. And drinking gives much more fun doing it all 9 together from 1 bowl.  


One of the peopele working for the Raad van Beheer called us last week Friday-evening (yes: you read it correctly: evening … really) to tell that he shortly would be nearby and “would it be convenient” > well, we did have an appointment with the Vet that day but it would be possible to change that, so okay, come. That would mean that chipping had been taken care of. All 9 miracles were chipped without making a sound – even though those thick needles did cause bleedings with 3 of them. Also swaps were taken to determine the DNA-profiles. That at the same time has been done with all adult dogs (okay: I Besos di Ròsa > still an adolescent).
The day thereafter, end of the afternoon, the Vet came > we always have him come to the house, so much relaxter and no dragging the miracles from here to there > this also went marvellous, they didn’t make a sound, had a nice cuddle-session with the Vet and last but not least the Vet declared them all perfectly healthy and the males all 6 “complete” males Mama Ròsa Ke-sera wasn’t too happy with all the needle-pricking in her siblings.


This week the wheather was só lovely that the miracles could be outside regularly > poor mama Ròsa Ke-sera then had to be dressed in a T-shirt for otherwise they wouldn’t have let her be. That however didn’t make it less fun But the moment they got tired they went inside to sleep.


Our I Besos di Ròsa once again honoured her name by doing “kissy-kissy” with one of the miracles > she loves and adores them.


Now that the miracles have their chip and have had their first shots, the time had come to responsibly start exploring the outside world. We started of with driving around in the car and paying a visit to a Garden Center > where they could be admired and caressed by several people. On the way back home we stopped at the Vet’s > no, not because they got wounded. But to give the assistent of our Vet the opportunity to caress and “smell” them. Because at this age they smell só nice. Well, our Cocódotjes-miracles love to be cuddled so it was a pleasure.  


And next week … Well, we will continue exploring the outside world. And more than before we will cuddle and hug and kiss them because it will be our last week with most of the 9 miracles, leaving the nest is coming closer.