M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015


Week 4


The one moment you start the week with adorable miracles, getting more active by the minute and then out of the blue it all changes. For where the miracles endured the deworming without any problems, they all of a sudden had diarrhea, just like that, without a sign of something wrong. Oh, how pathetic they then are. Me too for every time they started “producing” mama Ròsa Ke-sera took of as if she was in a Formula-I racing-car and left the cleaning up for me. Yep: that’s having staff I am glad to say that within 36 hours everything was under control again.


As I said, they are becoming stronger and bigger and for that reason we last weekend took out the side-shelves > not necessary anymore and it also gives them appr 25 cm more space. They now have started scratching their ears, biting each others mouths and tails, and they can lóók at you so tempting. Walking they do as professionals > even in high speed when in their interest.
What we also did beginning of the week, is put newspapers down in front of the birthbox and yes… Immediately they peed on them. A smart pack they are. Oh, I almost forgot: they all have teeth now. Real sharp ones too.


Did I already tell you that I have crazy dogs? Everywhere in our house and on the veranda waterbowls are to be found. Do they now drink from them? No, ofcourse not. They – as Ròsa Ke-sera – only want to drink from the small bowl she drinks from. For me that means: filling, filling, filling and filling it again.


Another big, new thing for the miracles is that we have started to supplementary feed them. Well, I can tell you they could have been Argentines for they know to appreciate a good steak > as soon as I approach with the plate with minced beef all 9 mouths open up: making loud sounds and to swallow.

Ever since the second week of het pregnancy, mama Ròsa Ke-sera has to be fed for she refuses to eat by herself: not só pleasant to do and you do worry whether she gets enough. But Thursday-evening – out of the blue – I was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the other dogs and there she was. So I immediately prepared a bowl for her too and madam finished 2 bowls full It feels só good that she starts joining in again.


And every now and then someone brings some doggy-sweets or a little present. Halfsister I Besos di Ròsa thinks she also has a right to a present. And the others sometimes can’t wait until I open the bag with doggy-sweets.


As usual, we for the coming week once again have new adventures planned for the miracles.


More about that next time.