M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015


Week 1


The 9 Cocódotjes-M-miracles – 1 day old

Just like the 1st time – she had her lover wait for her for a while so they on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day could make their own”fireworks”. She had a no-problems-pregnancy, which she ended– almost out of the blue – by without hardly any notification starting her delivery in her doggybed. Her granddad Hijo and her daughter Besos were watching from close by > Besos by the way almost was in shock because of the sounds the new miracles made.

After moving Ròsa Ke-sera to the birthbox she in exactly 12 hours gave birth to 9 wonderfull miracles: this time 6 handsome boys and 3 pretty girls. All going over the average weight with appr. 50% Just like the first time we did it all in pleasant co-operation.


Mama Ròsa Ke-sera and her M-miracles

The puppies like I said were pretty heavy. The Vet said they were healthy and that he was very content with mummy as well as with the puppies. They from the very first moment on drink very well and eager which makes them gain weight very good. After 3 nights Ròsa Ke-sera allowed me to go sleep on the sofa in stead of next to her and the birthbox. Before we turn of the lights she comes lie down next to me to be cuddled but then swiftly goes back to the birthbox where 2 litle bears wait for her sitting on the edge of the birthbox with an appropriate text.


Sounds good  

To make sure she gets the necessary rest we once again put a small puppy-fence around the birthbox, the other dogs know that when the door is closed they are not allowed in, when the door is open it is up to Ròsa Ke-sera to decide if and who is allowed in. And just like the first time Ròsa Ke-sera wants her doggy-bed to be in the birthbox and that is where she wants to lie down with her offspring > funny girl. 

How their caracters will develope we have to wait and see during the coming weeks, for the time being we have 2 stubborn little guys who constantly shuffle out of the doggy-bed after which I am being ordered to come put them back in, for: why else does one have personnel.


A nice and secure place  

On Wednesday a big, big box was delivered by DHL for “Ròsa Van Beek” You should have seen us jump up when – after opening it – a big, big balloon jumped out like a true Jack-in-the-box. With on it a foto of the 9 miracles Truely lovely It was a congratulations-gift from Ròsa Ke-sera’s daughter Iduña = Saartje (from her 1th litter) and her owners > what a nice surprise.


Gift from daughter Iduña = Saartje and her owners  

By now the miracles are already getting quiet active and they have started shuffeling out of the doggy-bed, so we put some nice, soft and thick “snakes” in, where they can also lie down against. During the coming week the owners-to-be will come visit the miracles for the first time: we ofcourse are very curious to find what they think of our Cocódotjes-M-miracles. But what else can they be but happy. Like we are.  


The miracles are becoming quite active