M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015




Oh, how quiet it is: just 2 ladies, who also get along together very well. Two adorable huggers too, who at night – together with halfsister I Besos di Ròsa – loved to s leep with me for a while. Oh, sh … their new owners really shouldn’t know that, for that after all is spoiling them a bit. Ah well we feel it should be allowed. Besos truely enjoyed those last days with her halfsisters.


And then happens what you weren’t counting on one miracle came back to us just a few days after leaving: his new owner had a small accident and felt no longer able to take care of him. Later that very evening we made it public within a selected group and straight away the next morning a truely, seriously interested family contacted us. The next day they came to visit us to meet the puppy and > fell for him. Knowing their parents – they already have a puppy of ours: a sister to I Besos di Ròsa – both parties knew how they thought and felt and what the possibilities and expectations were > so we could in a short time decide that the little man had found his new family. That feels só good.


That made it possible to after 9 weeks clean and put away all the puppy-stuff and turn our home into óur home again. However much we miss the little miracles, it’s also wonderfull to be on yourself again in your own home. And we ofcourse know that we have found good families for our miracles, families who to the fullest are prepared to make sure they get a good life.

During the litter-time most of those families spoiled us with sweets, flowers and wine for me and chewing bones + doggy-sweets for the dogs. That was also the case when they came for their miracle: thank you very much for that > especially for spoiling the dogs > they só very much deserved that.


We wish all new owners of our miracles loads of happiness with the M-miracles of our Ròsa Ke-sera Van Hoeflaecken’s Cocó. We will see eachother shortly. Untill then.