M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015


Week 2


The 9 Cocódotjes-M-miracles – 8 days old

It’s hard to believe, but almost a quarter of our time with the M-miracles has gone already. I don’t even want to thínk about saying goodbye to them yet: it’s way to nice having them.


Mama Ròsa Ke-sera and M-miracles

Just like with her first litter, Ròsa Ke-sera likes to every now and then lay down beside the birthbox: out of sight to her offspring and it cools her belly a bit. Ròsa Ke-sera is a very loving mama and very tolerant for the rest of her doggy-family, whether she is with her miracles or not: the others simply are allowed to come in and look. Especially sweet-daughter Besos can’t do a thing wrong.


The family complete again and Besos and Rubí going in to have a look 


The doggy-bed has now been taken out of the birthbox for mum and her offspring hardly fitted in any more, now the miracles lie all through the birt-box or all on a heap. The miracles are growing só fast: with 10 days they had more than doubled their birth-weight, with 11 days their nails really had to be cut and by now they all can wobble around the birth-box on 4 shaky legs > it’s só cute to see them waggle, fall over, get up and go again.


Look how much space they have now 

As mentioned in the former report, we this week started having visits from the future puppy-owners. It’s always a little tense to have to wait and see how the first reactions will be, but thay all were so positive I have received the nicest responses and heard the cutest expressions, from “beschuit met muisjes “ (a Dutch treat at birth) to “I became the father of a son”. With each and everyone we took all the time needed to talk a little more about what in a short time was waiting for them and what we before that would be doing together.

For Sunday we have something nice planned for the miracles: more about that next time.