M-nest Ròsa Ke-sera d.d. 02.03.2015


Week 5


The one moment you help the miracles get born and before you know it 5 weeks have past. The Cocódotjes-miracles are doing very well, they are active, they love to play with eachother and with their toys > they manage to run very fast with a toy in their mouth, they climb out of the puppy-fence and especially one of the girls then loves to come lay down at my feet. Besos doesn’t yet know whether that is something she likes, for after all to her I first of all am hers. They eat well and with pleasure, by now they are able to already eat quiet a lot.


Oh, this I have to tell, it was só funny In the beginning of the week I once again made their living-space a little bigger > that you from time to time have to do for they need more and more space and challenges. So: also new noisy toys and hanging noisy toys. They love it all. I also put in some small doggybeds > in one of them mama Ròsa Ke-sera had been a little while. But then the night came. There were so many nice places to lay down or in and where díd they lay down? Correct: all 9 in the little doggybed that smelled just like mama Ròsa Ke-sera. Aren’t they just adorable?


This week also came an important visitor. The owner of daddy Aris came to have a look. Well, as you understand … she was speechless. She adored our Cocódotjes-miracles > and so she should. Don’t you think so too?


One of the nicknames of halfsister I Besos di Ròsa is: Houdini > the little lady knows how to open all doors and fences, and shifting lockings and/or opening zippers is no problem for her either. Well we have 2 more Houdini’s; 1 lady and 1 lad manage to constantly break out to “somewhere” in the livingroom find a better place to lie down. Thanks to the behaviour of the other dogs I am made aware of it. They by now have grown so big that I at times feel sorry for mama. Ròsa Ke-sera: she more or less gets burried under them. The poor girl at the moment weighs no more than appr 115 kg and her offspring together already double that.


What we are now waiting for is for the miracles to start drinking water. Then we can start a new eating adventure with them. Every now and then you see a muzzle try out the waterbowl, but drink water not yet. But what stays is kissing with Besos.


And next week? Is going to be a very important week. The week of making decisions. Pfff. And also a lot of other things will happen, more about that next time.