Puppies from Djaya de Besos




The third crop of the seventh generation Cocódotjes-miracles!!!

I, the owner/breeder and
their great-grandmother Ròsa Ke-sera,
grandma I Besos di Ròsa,
mama Djaya de Besos
and aunt Hniña de Besos

want to inform you that days earlier than expected
on Sunday 2023.04.02
the world once again was made prettier with the birth of new Cocódotjes-miracles
5 handsome lads and 3 pretty girls
our 0-litter
mum = Djaya de Besos van Hoefflaecken’s Cocó
dad = Aljoscha vom Herthasee

geboorte foto 1

Djaya de Besos and her
eight O-miracles

geboorte foto 2

O-litter of Djaya de Besos

We believe to have loving families for all puppies

For information
call 0(0-31)33-2535467
or send an email to info@hoefflaeckens-coco.nl