Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 9

foto 9

the O-miracles 8 weeks old

Yes…then came week 9!
We smuggled a little and made it – like mentioned before – start a little sooner.
Djaya de Besos her O-miracles were to leave us. No : not all at once.
One of the first to let go was our Ventje.
Because he 6 days thereafter was to come back to stay with us for a little week.
The first day Grijze and Ventje left us, the next day it was Blue Boy, the day thereafter it was Dozer and Brownie’s turn, the next day followed by Beertje. On day 5 the last one to leave was Kikkertje.
Be aware : the names are our ‘litternames’, so nothing official!!
In 5 days seeing 7 miracles leave……
How hard that letting them go always is……..you never get used to it.

Did you count well, then you must have noticed ‘the last one’! But didn’t just 7 leave??
Indeed : one was ‘left over’ >> our Rooie!
For her we hadn’t decided about the right family yet.
Not that there was no one interested : lots, from here and from abroad.
But no, the right family wasn’t amongst them.

foto 10

Rooie – playing with auntie Hniña toys.

So then, when just Rooie was still with us and Ventje was to come stay, we no longer needed such a big bench and / or penn. Even more so as they were to be free most of the time.
So : quickly replaced it all by ‘smaller stuff’ and gave Rooie a big stuffed toy.
Which she could crawl up against for the night.

foto 11

different living quarters for Rooie

foto 12

Rooie, left alone, our little football player

But…I made a mistake there! She no way wanted to go sleep alone! Not even with that big soft stuffed toy.
So…….took her to bed with me….
Ahhh well, just for a few nights until her brother Ventje comes to stay…..no one knows…..

foto 13

Rooie, does not want to sleep alone, not even with a big stuffed toy

More next time