Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 8

foto 1

eight naughty O-miracles – 50 days old

Ahhh, that eighth week…..OUR week…… As always.
That’s when we go discover the outside world and are able to ‘without being disturbed by others’ just be together.
That’s só wonderful, I am always looking forward to that.

And did we do lots? Indeed, we did : we went to the ( small ) market, a few children’s playgrounds and in a bench on a trolley for walks….that we managed to do.
We didn’t go car driving / making miles > that, after the accident we had on 2023.01.31 on our way to Sweden, was no longer justified. And the new car didn’t arrive until the day before the first one was to leave us >> I didn’t yet know the car at all / had no idea how it worked. I had only seen it once, when the garage brought it to my door for me to sit in it so they knew how to put in the dog guard between te front and the back seats.
So that neither would have been a responsible thing to do : drive that car with a seat filled with miracles.
So that this time is a job for the future families.
Luckely everyone understood.
On the other hand, our miracles are so genetically charged when ik comes to making miles and so,
it should not give any problem.

During that last week, they also each night have appr. 20 minutes alone in a flight bench
> with something of their familiy-to-be, to get used to another odor.
Simply in sight, next to the sofa.

foto 2

a while apart next to the sofa

But, my-oh-my, it was só warm that last week!
Do they normally lie down piled up on eachother, well : not on these warm days
>>spreaded out in the puppy penn and oh-no … no touching eachother!

foto 3

normaly sleeping piled up

foto 4

it’s warm – so spreaded out

We also had a little fool amongst us : this little guy ‘our Grijze’, enjoyed curling up and then falling asleep in the waterbowl ( which ofcourse did not fit – even though he was the smallest of the boys ), it must have been uncomfortable – but there was no way of getting him to not do that!

foto 5

Grijze, wants to sleep in the waterbowl

But we truely had a wonderful week together, that is to say…..week….it was no more than 5 days!
For 1 family payed their last visit start of week 8 and : because of Whittweekend, leaving us started a little faster so everyone could enjoy those days off to the fullest.

And in this eighth week… it became more than obvious to everyone of us that the end of our being together came closer, because…..mum Djaya de Besos out of the blue went in and took away from her miracles her ‘baby Panda’ and lay down with him in her doggybed.

foto 6

mum Djaya de Besos with her ‘baby Panda’….

Many know, but I am known to be very strict about only eating from your own foodbowl and to not
‘have a bite at the neighbour’s’, I stay close, and who does try is being put back immediately!
But on that last evening…..then all is different…….
And they then are allowed to eat from a big round foodbowl…. PARTY TIME!!
We, very appropriate call that ”The Lord’s Supper’…..
But, my goodness, did they make a mess!!

foto 7

……’The Lord’s Supper’…………

foto 8

……’The Lord’s Supper’…………

More next time