Puppies from Djaya de Besos


Week 10

Then came Friday and back again was her brother Ventje!
To play with, to be naughty with, to frolic and sleep with > those two truely enjoyed eachother.
Also together – Ventjes’ owners trusted me do undertake that with him too – I took them to the Vet for their second vaccination > they didn’t make a sound even though neither of them liked the nose-vaccination.
But : as all Vets, also our Vet has those dirty Frolic treats which all doggies seem to love, so that made it all okay again.
Not to be forgotten : both – again – were declared completely healthy!

foto 14

her brother Ventje is back with Rooie

foto 15

playing together outside

foto 16

and company when going to sleep

But then, but then, but then…….
On Wednesday, the day Ventje was to go back home,you won’t beleive it,
but it was also time for our Rooie to go home with her new family.
Our Rooie…..she so much was part of us already! But we grant her, her own loving family.
Her last hours with us, she spent being free and frolicing with mum Djaya de Besos.

foto 17

just being happy with mum Djaya de Besos

foto 18

just being free and happy

A few hours after Rooie had driven off headed for her new home, Ventjes’ owners were there to come get him
> with arms full of gifts for us!! I was stunned…..
We had some left over no longer needed puppyfood and tripe treats > we had them take that with them :
I am sure he will finish it willingly.

foto 19

before leaving :
free and happy and playing with mum Djaya de Besos

Our intention was to – immediately after Ventje leaving – go clean and put away, but we only partly needed to do so!
For I offered them to take with them our small penn to use at home until they had bought their own one
> that was immediately accepted : they thought it to be a good and kind solution for those moments one needs to sometimes be able to do some work.
That’s how it should be : that’s how you help eachother out!

Then it really was ……done!!

foto 20

empty house…………no more miracles to feed……..

Straight after arriving home, everyone called me to tell how the drive and the first moments at home were.
The next evening it was my turn to call and ask how their first night and first day had been.
Not one of them had anything strange to tell. Most of the puppies ate a little less but that soon changed.
Everyone said it were happy, free and healthy nauhgty doggies : how GOOD is that!

We wish them all a long, lovely and happy life together with their new families.
Hopefully in good health and thinking no less than that they will make eachother glad and happy.

I am looking forward to seeing them again when paying our ‘appr. 4 months old’ visit.
Until then O-miracles

foto 21

…..a dog…..