Puppies from Djaya de Besos



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Week 6

And then also week 6 had passed.
Once again a loaded week.with special experiences….just read.

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the O-miracles and mum – 35 days old

The week started of with a renovation.
Well, they are growing up, and will shortly leave the house – so also had to get used to this.
To what? Well, to a bench!
When they are appr. 5 ½ – 6 weeks old, we usually replace the birthbox by a very big bench with a puppyfence.
Over here the doors will never be closed though , but they can get used to the idea.
Was it a problem for them> NO, not at all!
Not with having to be put aside for a while, not with the renovation being done and not with the new living quarters!
They made their rounds in it, played with the new toys and went in the bench for a good sleep.
To mum Djaya de Besos it was okay too, she even fitted in the bench with them to experience her hugging moments
– the silly girl.

foto 3

separated during the renovation

foto 4

new living quarters

foto 5

good place to sleep in

foto 6

mum Djaya de Besos checking everything

And while I was truely busy getting that all organized,
I at the same time was busy with deciding which miracle for what family.
Being really busy, for me is a way of clearing things in my head.
Did I manage to? Yes!
So….the next day I phoned everyone to tell them my decision.
Was everyone okay with it? I am very happy to say they are, and by now they all – except for one –have been over to now visit their coming new member of the family – that immediately is different!

It took a while, but finally!!
The first one to drink water checked in! Our Brownie ‘did it again’!
A few hours later he was followed by his brother Ventje and the next morning…..they all did!
Another hurdle taken…..

foto 7a

Brownie drinking from the waterbowl

foto 7b

and then joined by Ventje

That I succeeded in deciding which for whom, was perfect timing
> for Wednesday was the day for the Chipper of the Raad van Beheer to visit us! Like I said : timing!
The Chipper once again was another person, but….a very kind lady who did the job fast and good
> all miracles now have been chipped and the DNA samples have been taken.
Was it a bloody job? Not this time – not a drop!
They however were impressed – so a comforting drink at mum’s and then a nap did them well.

foto 8a

a comforting drink at mum’s

foto 8b

tired O-miracles after the Chipper

Next to being good water drinkers, they now also are domestic helpers!
Vacuum cleaning and mopping is something they like to help doing.

foto 9a

helping vacuum cleaning

foto 9b

helping mopping

The coming week the families-to-be will pay us their last visit, for the week thereafter …is ours.

About that and more…………………next time.